Thursday, February 19, 2009

Why no photos

Well, I have totally lost count of the days, did any of you out there predict that would happen?
Anyway, I'm not really one to complain too much but I am currently on virus #2 with one good day in between.
With dwindling sick time that I was trying to save up for after the baby arrived I have been dragging my sick ass to work and to the doc and home. Richard was sick most of this week too and I have been struggling just to feed myself and make sure he is still alive. In the course of all this I have dislocated a rib and have had is replaced 3 times tomorrow will be the 4th. The pain and ache in my body seems to be my only focus - so, sorry for you seven who are following along with me. Right now I feel like a poster child for teenage girls who think pregnancy is glamorous - not at the present moment! If anyone thinks this is 'just preparation' please keep that thought to yourself, I appreciate the thought but I really don't want to hear it - I guess my sense of humor is sick too.

On the upside, I have a shower this weekend. I get to see lots of friends and I plan to enjoy it because no matter how bad my body feels right now, the babe is doing well and every time I feel it moving around in there I just launch into daydreams of finally getting to hold and kiss and smell and snuggle.


  1. i am just really glad to hear that everything is ok with the baby. i had been reading your facebook status changes and starting to worry. that sucks that you aren't doing so great though. i won't say that soon your baby will be here and this will be a memory because people said that to me and i hated it! i will say that the last few weeks of pregnancy are a bitch, no doubt about it, and if you ever need to complain feel free. i know exactly how you are feeling, and i also know that sometimes complaining helps. hopefully the rib has been replaced for the last time and the damn virus takes a hike, it's hard enough without all that in the mix. ((hugs))

  2. Hi Tara! Yes, thank god the baby is ok through all this. Although a little prescribed bed rest from the midwife might have done some good. Being sick and at the end of this pregnancy totally sucks!!! But as usual things could be much worse. My rib is still killing me. I can't help but attribute some kind of biblical reference - the whole rib thing with Adam and Eve - anyway...thanks for the sympathy - I feel it for all mom's everywhere!

  3. I now have such enormous respect, gratitude & awe for all women who go through this - I see women in their final trimester & want to shout "you go, girl!" but it all seems so trite & sappy (& pregnant women don't need any more comments from stranger than we already get!) But I can cyber shout it to you! Except, I won't shout, I'll speak quietly & I'll say, "you rest, girl. you're doing so much." xol

  4. It really is one of those things that brings so much compassion for other moms - and some of you do it more than once! These babies must be one hell of a pay off :)
    Thank you for the quiet shout out - rest is in my future.

  5. Oh, & I was also going to write that this isn't preparation for a newborn - I found that part, once the baby was here, soooo much better than pregnancy. I've had an easier time with this pregnancy but with J I even found labour easier than pregnancy - & that's saying a lot. You're right to daydream about holding, kissing, smelling & cuddling - all those cliches about this being worth it will apply.

  6. This is at the point where, as a mother -actually YOUR mother - I wish I could make it all better with a kiss so that you were not sick, had slept through the entire pregnancy like a log, and didn't have displaced ribs. But, alas. Not to be. Moms always want to "fix" things for their kids, even when one of those kids are all grown up and getting ready to be a mom herself. XOXOXO