Sunday, February 1, 2009

day 43 - to day 50

Well, we sort of fell short this week, I'm not sure why we didn't get our usual plethora of photos. Here are the ones that we did get from the last few days. I used a program called Poladroid to get the Polaroid effect, it's really addictive. Here's to the beginning of February and our half way mark through these 100 days. Our anniversary is this week and my birthday is a couple days later. You would hope that that would generate something worth photographing.
See you on day 51.


  1. please tell me that richard dressed up in his best seventies clothes for effect, and that he doesn't always wear that outfit. although i will admit, it is kind of hipster.

  2. Ha! I was thinking the same thing but no - that is a very typical outfit for him (his favorite shirt actually). The Poladroid does have a certain effect on the outfit - that's what makes it so awesome!

  3. Happy Anniversary to you & your finely dudded dude! (Aa had that same Birth Partner book & it seemed to work wonders - he was great as Richie will be.)